At the present time the Fifth Circuit’s Electronic Court System (eCourt) permits registered counsel to electronically file documents (eFiling), along with the ability to receive electronic notification of court notices, orders, decisions, opinions and dockets. Counsel choosing electronic notification will have the ability to view through a web portal detailed information regarding their filings and all eNotified documents. The web portal includes a calendar of case events; the ability to perform case and notification searches, as well as eFile.
Only members in good standing with the Louisiana State Bar Association are eligible to become registered users of eCourt. You must first register and create an account online. There are two methods to access the eCourt site: 1) a link is available on the court's main website at http://www.fifthcircuit.org or 2) by going directly to https://ecourt.fifthcircuit.org
There is currently no mandate for registering; however, the Court strongly encourages participation in eNotification. You must register and consent to receive eNotification in order for the Court to send you notifications.
When you participate in eNotification you opt to receive only notifications by email. The attorney of record will receive notification from the Clerk’s Office for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal by email of: Notice of Lodging, Orders, Motions, Docket, Writ Dispositions, Opinions, and Rehearing Dispositions. The email will issue from enotify@ecourt.fifthcircuit.org.
Yes, each attorney who wishes to receive eNotification in the cases where he/she is enrolled as counsel of record must register and provide consent to the Court.
No. The Court requires that you register and give consent via the Court's website.
Yes, each attorney who wishes to receive eNotification in the cases where he/she is enrolled as counsel of record must register and provide consent to the Court.
No. The Court requires that the Louisiana counsel enroll in eCourt, supplying their personal contact information and email address. Counsel can designate a paralegal and/or administrative assistant rights to receive eNotification by supplying alternate email information in counsel's profile. No one else, other than the Louisiana counsel should complete the eCourt registration.
When you are a confirmed registrant, login to eCourt and select the EFILING tab. We recommend that you read the tutorial/manual before you begin. The eFiling wizard will assist you in selecting a file type and uploading a document for filing.
Once you have efiled your document successfully, it is NOT necessary to give a hard copy of the document to the court, UNLESS the court has contacted you and requested for the hard copy. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Clerk's office during our regular business hours.
No, you cannot designate someone to eFile a document on your behalf. However, if an associate attorney is an eCourt registrant and an enrolled counsel, that counsel can eFile a document on your behalf under his login.
Click on the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link. Enter in your primary email address that you used when you registered and select Next. A temporary password will be sent to you.
Password must be minimum of 6 characters containing at least one upper case alphabet letter (a through z) and one number (0 through 9).
No. You cannot have more than one email address.
To change your email address with the Court, select the CHANGE USERNAME tab under the WELCOME (user) link on the top right of the screen. Enter in and confirm your new email address and select the Updates Changes button. YOU ARE SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT.
To opt out of the Fifth Circuit eCourt System, click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link under the Welcome tab on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
At this time, you must still notify the Clerk of Court in writing of any postal mailing address change.
  • A personal computer running a standard platform such as Windows or Macintosh
  • Internet service
  • A web browser like Internet Explorer 9.0 or above, Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6 or above, Opera 11 or above, or Safari 5
  • Add us to your trusted sites for Internet Explorer
    • Open 'Internet Explorer'
    • Click 'Tools'
    • Click 'Internet Options'
    • Go to 'Security' Tab
    • Select 'Trusted Sites'
    • Click 'Sites'
    • Add 'https://ecourt.fifthcircuit.org'
    • Click 'Close' to save your changes
  • Turn on Compatibility View for Internet Explorer
    • Open 'Internet Explorer'
    • Click 'Tools'
    • Click 'Compatibility View Settings'
    • Type in 'https://ecourt.fifthcircuit.org' under the Add this website and click 'Add'
    • OR just check 'Display all websites in Compatibility View'
    • Click 'Close' to save your changes
  • An email address
  • Scanner to scan documents to PDF
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 or above is needed for converting text documents to PDF
  • Adobe Reader is needed for viewing PDF documents
No. Electronic filing is the filing of a document by enrolled counsel through eCourt. eNotification is an elective service whereby the court will notify the enrolled counsel of court issued notices, orders, decisions, opinions, and dockets.
For assistance or to obtain additional information not covered in the questions above, contact the Clerk of Court's Office at (504)376-1400.

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If you need assistance, please contact the Clerk's Office at (504) 376-1400. Assistance is available between 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays.

If you are submitting an emergency filing after hours that requires immediate attention, the court must be notified by calling (504) 376-1470, or your filing will not be processed until regular business hours.

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