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Electronic Notification (eNotification)

The eNotification System is a voluntary service that you opt to sign-up to receive instant email notification of court issued notices, orders, decisions, opinions and dockets. NOTE: Counsel of record who enroll in eNotification voluntarily agree to receive notification of Court issued notices, orders, decisions, opinions and dockets by electronic means, only. The Court will continue to mail court documents to those attorneys who have not registered with eCourt.

Web Portal

As a plus to selecting to be eNotified, enrolled counsel will have the ability to view through a web portal, in a case management-like environment, detailed information regarding their filings and all eNotified documents. Counsel can view case calendar events, perform case and notification searches, as well as eFile, just by logging in.

Electronic Filing (eFiling)

Our eFiling System is a voluntary service that will allow registered eCourt counsel to electronically file documents.

The Court has several projects planned to complement our eCourt services. Additional services will be announced soon - keep checking back!

For more information about eCourt, technical assistance or suggestions, contact the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal at (504) 376-1400, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

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Need Help?

If you need assistance, please contact the Clerk's Office at (504) 376-1400. Assistance is available between 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays.

If you are submitting an emergency filing after hours that requires immediate attention, the court must be notified by calling (504) 376-1470, or your filing will not be processed until regular business hours.

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